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Astypalaia Chora

Astypalaia Chora (down-town) is the capital and is situated in the western part of the island. White houses with blue windows and balconies, obeying the Cycladic style with cubist sense climb the hill to come to intermarry the medieval castle.

Astypalaia Chora is surrounded by sky, overlooking the sea and leads to the village as the slope leading at Pera Gialo. Intermediate, where the winds reconsider their strength, are the windmills. The windmills are traditional stone heritage that once served the needs of residents, now welcomes visitors rewarding visual sensation. It is the point where all roads leading to the island where they have formed parking vehicles. From this point you may start the tour in Astypalaia Hora with first stop in Central Square.
Several food shops, coffee shop, local delicacies and traditional dishes offer visitors the opportunity for relaxation and fun.

In the square you can find the town hall and library Narkisseios. Tempting to call the steep streets promises the meeting with the castle. It definitely wandering between houses and churches, courtyards with geraniums and basil bathed in Aegean light.

Typical station Panagia Portaitissa down the tower of the castle Sarai with ornate bell tower and church museum overlooks the blue sea.

Going down and after the City Hall you can continue the sight-seeing with direction Pera Gialos.

Certainly the rewards of the visitor is invaluable when matched by the castle. The castle of Astypalaia is restored in 15o century family Querini, towers and promises breathtaking views of plays with the sun, sky and sea. Within the ruins of the castle stand out as different kind of two churches of historic interest, Mary my castle (Immaculate Conception) and St. George.

Walking around the wall of the castle and outside the gaze is lost in the magnificent views which unfold in each corner a different view of the island. Going down is worth a stop in the neighborhood of Megali Panagia with pebbled courtyard.